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As We Are


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Artist & designer Mathew Mohr had a vision to create a 14 foot tall head-shaped sculpture made of LED screens to be the featured art installation at the Greater Columbus Convention Center.  Behind the sculpture a photo kiosk was built to capture honest portraits of humanity. Having participants get their pictures taken, the human element would be illuminated with all of the uniqueness, differences as well as diversity. This project was aimed at making a bold statement by showing how Columbus, Ohio looks towards the future.



Through multiple focus groups it was mentioned how Columbus, Ohio is a city that is very economically, socially as well culturally divided. Many residents in poorer neighborhoods mentioned how they had never been downtown. Socially, citizens of Columbus believe residents tend to stay in their own neighborhoods. The concern was how can Columbus create a land mark that reflects all of it residents regardless of demographics.

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“Because we are in a city of suburbs we are segregated. This will be great to bring people downtown.”

- Lubna Najjar, CEO of Il Moda
Fashion PR Agency

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“We are all classified as one race, the human race. Everything else is in our mind.”

- Mark Hubbe, Associate Professor of Anthropology at OSU

“The other side is awake. There is finally an opportunity to talk about what matters.”

- Katharine Moore, Executive Director at The Jefferson Avenue Center

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“I can be who I want to be within the spectrum of humanity. It's not tied to my race.”

- Marshall Shorts,  Co-Founder of Creative Control Fest

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Social trends of the day permitted the idea in making the 14 foot sculpture into an art piece as well as a statement representing a forward thinking approach regarding diversity and the idea of inclusion. Through the use of magnification of self, "As We Are" became the representation of the city of Columbus and it's forward thinking future.

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